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When a complaint is received the Member will be notified by telephone within 24 hours.

Any complaint will be logged in the Societies complaints book and will be followed up to ensure that prompt action is taken.

Any complaint received will be acknowledged via the same medium it is received - i.e. email/letter/telephone. Every complaint will be treated with the same seriousness and every effort made to thoroughly investigate it via the documented complaints procedure.

A time limit will be agreed within which a response will be made.

Every person involved will be asked to make detailed written and signed submission of their response.

A reply to any complaint, whether made in writing or verbally, will always be in writing, even if an initial verbal response is provided.

Care must be made to be "understanding" of the complaint, even if the findings show no liability and all communications must include "if you have any queries or need any further help regarding this complaint, please do not hesitate to contact us".

If after investigation it is found that any Member of SoPMAC is at fault, an apology is to be made and assurances made that steps will be taken to avoid further occurrences.

A follow-up telephone call should be made after the complaint has been answered, to confirm receipt/understanding, and ascertain if further help is required.

All documents relating to a complaint must at all times be kept together in the complaints book, and once completed, a copy carefully filed for future reference.